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ARTNET SVD 33600 VACF true V.34 external voice/fax/data modem
System requirements: IBM PC or compatible with 8MB RAM running Windows 3.1 or MS-DOS. More RAM recommended if running Windows 95.
Price: RM260
Review unit courtesy of Metro Trading & Engineering, (05) 526-0203/8996

IF YOU are looking for an unobtrusive PC communications tool that does a decent job yet offers the option for voice communication, then the ArtNet is a modem to consider.

Priced at RM260, the plus points for Artnet is that it is a Rockwell OEM product and carries a five-year limited warranty on parts, excluding accessories. Based in the United States, Rockwell Inc is known for its range of chips used in many electronic and computing products.

Made in Taiwan, the ArtNet is a lightweight modem that is fitted with a lighting arrestor, a much needed feature in our tropical rainstorm ridden country.

And if you are fastidious about switching everything off after you're done computing or transmitting, the ArtNet offers a large On/Off button on its simple, compact box.

Setting up this modem was simple, just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. We set it up on a Windows 95 PC without a hitch. All the necessary drivers were provided on disk.

The modem supports basic error-correction, data-compression and tranmission standards.

There is an option to set up voice communication. Just insert the microphone plug into the modem's MIC jack and an external speaker jack to the SPK outlet.

This done, your PC becomes a telephone, digital answering machine and fax machine. The fax feature also makes it possible to transmit up to 100 documents automatically.

Lastly, we hear there's a 56Kflex version of the ArtNet in the works. -- ANITA MATTHEWS

Pros:- Easy to set up; turns PC into phone, fax and answering machine.

Cons:- Pricey for a 33.6Kbps modem.

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