Jan 25, 2000

Ipoh's first IT mall opens


IT MALLS, a one-time vogue in the Klang Valley, has hit the Kinta Valley with the setting up of Kinta IT City, located at the Kinta City shopping centre.

According to Kinta IT Centre executive director S.S. Au Yong, the aim of setting up the facility is to provide a one-stop shop for IT users, hobbyists and consumers.

Au Yong said that Jaya Jusco Business Development Group had approached her management company with the idea of setting up such a centre in their shopping mall in Ipoh.

The centre is located on the first floor beyond the food court and occupies an area of 7,000sq ft. A total of 16 lots have been taken up by 10 computer vendors from around the city.

``We did a very thorough survey to get feedback from vendors here about such a set-up before committing ourselves,'' Au Yong added.

With the backing of long time computer vendors based here, Au Yong signed a lease with the landlord last October and renovated the premises for RM250,000.

To date, only two lots are still vacant while the rest have been occupied by vendors selling hardware, computer peripherals, and CDs. There's also a cybercafe and a systems integrator.

Among the companies that have set up shop are Hobbycomp Supplies Sdn Bhd, ITC Computer Centre, C-WIN Computer Centre Sdn Bhd, PC Power, Kinta Media Supplies, City Microtrade, and Javanet Computer.

``The plan is to have promotions every fortnight to support the vendors and draw the crowd in,'' Au Yong said, adding that the current one will end Jan 31.

She hopes the marketing blitz will provide Kinta IT City with the same level of fame and clientele as Imbi Plaza in Kuala Lumpur.

``The chances of success in a smaller city is better and since it is the first one, we hope to build a good reputation,'' added Au Yong.