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New Domain Names 'Poorly Chosen', Say Tech Authors, Newsbytes, December 29

Asian job portals find niche on Net, ZDNet, December 29

'Tis the season to be jobless, ZDNet, December 28

Box pushers leverage on Net, AsiaBizTech, December 27

CNet And ZDNet Will Not Merge Asian Sites, Says VP, Newsbytes, December 22

Call to standardize Asian domain names, ZDNet, December 22 A Travel Site Takes Off,, December 15

AgendaMalaysia to shutter Web site by Dec 31, ZDNet, December 12

Troubled Lucent Loses Another Exec, Newsbytes, December 9

Journalist Snaps Up Funding For Digital Photo Venture,, December 4

Reliance Banks On Brand, Intelligent Enterprise, December 1

Start Of The IT Renaissance, Intelligent Enterprise, December 1

Big Players Vie for Internet Data Center Biz, Nikkei Electronics, December 1

Malaysian award organizers refute conflict claims, ZDNet, November 24

Former Apple Chairman Funds Global Ventures,, November 15

E-health player WorldCare gets backdoor-listing, ZDNet, November 8 lays off staff in Malaysia, Singapore, ZDNet, November 7

Government Site Spreads Anti-Mahathir Virus, Newsbytes, November 3

NTT Launches Internet Service, Nikkei Electronics Asia, November 1

Dell Aims High On Customer Service, Intelligent Enterprise, November 1

DHL: Delivering Technology Gains, Intelligent Enterprise, November 1

Seagate Ipoh closure draws mixed reaction, ZDNet, October 31

Compaq battery recall affects over 6000 in Asia, ZDNet, October 31

Tech-friendly Malaysian budget, ZDNet, October 29

Malaysia seeks brains, venture capital, Newsbytes, Oct 27

X-Men: Coming to a handphone near you, ZDNet, October 26

Online Tiger Sale Condemned, Newsbytes, October 26

'Alien' substance caused Dell notebook battery to ignite, ZDNet, October 20

No combustible Dell notebooks from Asian plants, ZDNet, October 17 Expanding To US, Europe, Newsbytes, October 13

Leave us out of ban, say cybercafe owners, ZDNet, October 10

WAP: Solution in search of a problem, ZDNet, October 04

B2B: M'sia Still Needs Some Convincing, Intelligent Enterprise, October 01

Royal Selangor's Personal Touch, Intelligent Enterprise, October 01

Mobile Operators in Race for GPRS Roll-Out, Nikkei Electronics Asia, October 01 Reinventing the Supply Chain,, September 28

MSC companies get funding boost, ZDNet, September 14

Bill Gates endorses Malaysia's MSC, ZDNet, September 14

NTT gets Malaysian Internet service licence, ZDNet, September 11

MSC still lacks venture caps and talent push, ZDNet, September 7

Video-conferencing company poised to crack US market, ZDNet, September 1

Hovid: Healthy Expansion Through the 'Net, Intelligent Enterprise, September 1

SubangGrocer: From Family Grocer to 'Net Success, Intelligent Enterprise, September 1

Mini-Circuits to Set Up RF Chip Design Center, Nikkei Electronics Asia, September 1

MyTrade.Net banks on fee-based model for B2B, ZDNet, August 24

Carlyle to fund ebiz "railroads" in Asia, ZDNet, August 22

Asian B2B will grow despite US correction, ZDNet, August 18

ICG Bolsters Asian B2B Beachhead, Newsbytes, August 14

Will The Real Nissandotcom Please Stand Up, Newsbytes, August 3

Khen Lim: A one-man sales force, Intelligent Enterprise, August 1

Phileo Allied: Leading Malaysia's e-Banking Charge, Intelligent Enterprise, August 1

Motorola Sets Up CDMA Research Center, Nikkei Electronics Asia, August 1

LegalStudio: Get divorced online, ZDNet, July 31

Intel to set up Asia-Pacific incubator, ZDNet, July 31

Time to diversify, says VoIP pioneer, ZDNet, July 22 to go beyond books, ZDNet, July 17

Palm will replace faulty units if customers insist, ZDNet, July 4

Telemedicine pilot kicks off in Malaysia, ZDNet, July 3

Malaysia Insurers Unmoved by the Web, Intelligent Enterprise, July 1

Solectron: Adding Service to the Supply Chain, Intelligent Enterprise, July 1

Wafer Foundry 1st Silicon To List on Nasdaq, Nikkei Electronics Asia, July 1

The little school that could, ZDNet, June 29

Malaysian Palm users split up, ZDNet, June 29

Malaysian Web pioneer high-rolls back into Asia, ZDNet, June 26

Angel Investors Come Knocking At Varsity Doors, Newsbytes, June 19

Asia Region's First Insurance Portal To Debut In July, Newsbytes, June 5 Arthur takes his books online, Intelligent Enterprise, June 1

Schindler Manufactures to Order, Intelligent Enterprise, June 1

FibreComm's Alternative Internet Access Technology, Nikkei Electronics Asia, June 1

Malaysian ISP Admits "Human Error" In Security Fiasco, Newsbytes, May 28

Malaysian Wafer Fabs Get US Ex-Im Bank Loan Boost, Newsbytes, May 25

Unico Prefers the Old-fashioned Way, Intelligent Enterprise, May 1

Parkson Gets Personal, Intelligent Enterprise, May 1

The Silicon Valley Experience, Nikkei Electronics Asia, May 1

Unisem: A Manufacturer's Dream, Intelligent Enterprise, April 1

Matsushita Plans Local Flat-Screen Tube Production, Nikkei Electronics Asia, April 1

Fight Dell, Fight Dell's Supply Chain, Intelligent Enterprise, March 1

British American Tobacco Malaysia, Intelligent Enterprise, March 1

U.S. Plant Closes Local Operations, Blames Demand, Nikkei Electronics Asia, March 1

Marconi to Install Fiber Optic SDH Rings for TM, Nikkei Electronics Asia, February 1

Expected Rise in Chip Orders from 2000, Nikkei Electronics Asia, January 1


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