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despatchNet News

1998.01.18 19:02:20 PST SFO
BizTone Strategic Partnership

despatchNet is pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic working relationship with BizTone, a provider of web based accounting software. BizTone's specialty is the creation of Java based components that can be "wrapped" into an enterprise solution such as despatchNet to provide a total end-to-end solution on behalf of users. Whereas despatchNet will focus initial programming efforts on front-end functions of dispatch (order entry, dispatch, problem resolution), Biztone's emphasis will be on the back-end (billing, receivables, payables, and accounting).

A joint working effort to develop an initial integrated prototype will be managed and led from San Francisco. Greg Kidd and Jak Dorsey will lead the effort from despactchNet's side of the undertaking. Miko Matsumura, supported by Jon Cooper, will lead BizTone's initiative. Miko, who recently left as Sun's leading evangelist for Java to join BizTone, has been invaluable in guiding the despatchNet team towards other open source resources that can speed deployment of our initial prototype. Jon Cooper is taking the lead on wrapping the accounting components within the despatchNet user interface, and is supported in these efforts by BizTone's programming teams based in AustralAsia. despatchNet is providing the office space for the undertaking while Biztone has supplied the necessary hardware (a Sun Sparc Ultra Enterprise 2) to run the US based development environment and prototype site.

BizTone and despatchNet have agreed to make the results of their strategic partnership available through an open source license to all other interested users, vendors, and developers. A target prototype offering covering the most basic functions is slated for completion by the end of Q1999.

BizTone is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and is funded from by its founders and the venture division of Japanese based Nomura Securities. Currently, the Biztone team employs a staff of 50, most of whom are software engineers based in Malaysia specializing in the creation of the pure Java accounting components along with tools to enable rapid deployment of those functions into end user applications. BizTone is a recent entrant to the North American market. Working with despatchNet, Biztone is seeking to establish proof of concept for its 100% Java based four tier architecture as a scaleable alternative to traditional enterprise solutions such as PeopleSoft, Baan, JD Edwards, or SAP.

despatchNet will continue to sharpen its focus on the overall interface of the entire enterprise solution for dispatch industries, along with the particular challenges posed by urgent on-demand dispatch operations. For further information on the above organizations and individuals, please visit:

1998.01.11 23:22:30 PST SFO
Integration of Locomotive into despatchNet as our Web Application Server

despatchNet is pleased to announce the selection of Leverage Information System's Locomotive open source offering as the foundation for our web application server. The Locomotive is a Java-based Web Application Server that enables our developers to quickly and easily build, deploy and manage sophisticated database-driven applications that generate dynamic content. The Locomotive supports the Servlet API, provides dynamic load balancing and failover capabilities, and utilizes a simple template language, STEAM. It's built with Java, supports many databases (including Oracle, Informix, and mySQL) and integrates with Apache, Netscape, and IIS web servers.

Originally built by Leverage Information Systems, the Locomotive is a mature, industry proven product; today Locomotive-based web sites handle millions of hits each day. Now that the Locomotive has been open-sourced and has been formed, we, the project facilitators, hope to capture the interest of developers, designers, and anyone interested in dynamic web sites. Any and all contributions are welcome.

Examples of existing clients using the Locomotive include:

    Purple Moon - A girls' entertainment site designed to handle very high volumes and offer extensive functionality
    vivid studios - A Web design firm that used the Locomotive to build an e-commerce site for GreenTree Nutrition
    VentureOne - Database-driven, rapid customized report generation

In the case of despatchNet, we have simply embedded the entire Locomotive application server within our enterprise solution. The locomotive "middleware" is responsible for managing registration and security by controlling which web pages and data can be viewed by any particular user when they log into the despatchNet global system.

Leverage is located less than ten blocks from the despatchNet San Francisco offices. For further information on Leverage and Locomotive, please visit:

1998.01.07 13:32:30 PST SFO
Aether Technologies Selected as Preferred Provider for despatchNet Wireless Connectivity

despatchNet is pleased to announce that Aether Technologies has been selected as our preferred provider for wireless connectivity. Aether has shown a demonstrated interest and understanding of the specialized needs of the dispatch industry to make the most effective use of the new generation of PDAs as the workhorse for courier, car service, emergency, and repair service organizations. Their strategic partnerships include a close relationship with 3Com (Palm Pilots), AT&T & Bell Atlantic (Wireless Networks), Novatel (Wireless Modems), as well as key clients from other demanding transaction based industries (such as Reuters for stock quotes and trades).

Of particular value to despatchNet will be Aether's capabilities in product and customer support, as well as their leverage in acting as a single point of contact for to all wireless ISPs. Aether will also be positioned to add any specialized PDA specific features and functions to Java based code running on PDA based thin clients that are to be part of the extended despatchNet user base.

For more information on Aether, please visit their web site at:

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