Singapore One Picks MSC’s
Biztone In Island Wide Tie-Up

Singapore One, Singapore’s island-wide IT network, has picked MSC-status company, to provide Internet delivered business software to the network's over two million customers, including scores of small and medium industries, large corporations and multinationals.

Kuala Lumpur-based pioneered the rental of enterprise resource planning software over the Internet and its tie up with Singapore One will allow businesses across Singapore to log on and use ERP software as a "pay-per-use" utility that is always online whenever needed.

Singapore One, the island state's initiative to wire up the nation with high speed digital connection, provides advanced applications and services over the infrastructure's high-speed and high-capacity capabilities for the nation's 2.2 million population.

With BizTone’s services slated for launch in June, businesses in Singapore will be able to access end-to-end financials, sales and marketing and other industry-specific online software direct from Singapore One.

daryl2.gif (37399 bytes)"Singapore One is a fine example of a world class network whose facilities deliver IT right to the doorstep of every home and business on the island. There’s really nothing close to it elsewhere.

"The clustering of service businesses and Singapore’s role as a regional hub makes BizTone’s cooperation with Singapore One a natural fit that ensures swift market uptake", says Darryl Carlton, BizTone’s chief executive.

Carlton went on to say that businesses stand to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by using BizTone as it involves no up-front capital costs and is simple to commission.

"In effect, we make it possible for businesses to outsource the management of their business software just like they do with other utilities such as the phone or electricity. And it doesn’t take months to commission and implement," added Carlton