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Malaysian election fever heats up on the Internet
By Julian Matthews
Friday, November 26 1999

Malaysian's hotly contested 10th general elections and soap-opera politicking has spilled over onto the Internet.

Allegations of phantom voters, doctored photographs, "evidence" of corruption, biting satire and heated exchanges are the order of the day in Web sites, forums and newsgroups in the run up to polling on Monday.

The prime actors are National Front strongman Dr Mahathir Mohamad and a vociferous and net-savvy opposition aligned to his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim, who languishes in jail.

At stake are 193 parliamentary and 394 state seats.

CNET Asia compiles a snapshot of the various issues unfolding in the ongoing campaign drama on the Internet:

Malaysian election campaigning gets tech boost
Computers and the Web have become the new tools on the Malaysian election trail.

"Phantom" voters show up on Internet electoral role
An election watch group has received thousands of complaints from the public alleging irregularities regarding Malaysia's electoral roll available on the Internet and on CD-ROMs.

Net's influence limited in this election
The Net is a growing influence in Malaysia but may not affect voters' decisions this time around, says veteran political observer and journalist MGG Pillai.

Malaysian cyber election nixed
A Web-based lobby group which set up a mock poll on the Internet to parallel that of the general elections has abandoned the idea after nominations submitted did not conform to its standards.

Doctored photo on Net stirs election controversy
Cut-and-paste artistry showed up as an issue in Malaysia's election run-up when a 1995 photo was "updated" to reflect new political line-ups.

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Malaysian election fever heats up on the Internet
Malaysian election campaigning gets tech boost
Doctored photo on Net stirs election controversy

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