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Malaysia boleh?

It felt like being hit by a nuclear blast. How could this be? What happened to our national slogan "Malaysia boleh"? Did our youngsters' creative minds slowly submerge under the pressure of exams?

Did they fall prey to parental and peer pressure that success equals to excellent grades at school? Maybe I am too idealistic and should not be startled to discover that most Malaysian teenagers conduct mindless activities online. Wait a minute, let me correct that. Most Malaysians-- adults included--seem to prefer the fun facet of the Net.

We all like the entertainment and fun bits offered by the Net. Yet, as parents, alarms shrill for fear that their children's young minds will be poisoned by the World Wide Web. After all, the Net does have its fair share of lies and pornography, malicious hackers and manuals on making bombs right in your living room.

And so it is not baffling to note that our youngsters think the answer lies in the system. They perceive the need to fit within the system. Otherwise they will fall along the wayside.

It is a Malaysian mindset that is, alas, difficult to blot out.

Dispatch from Malaysia

Here's a nation that has built a first-world infrastructure. But can the country truly lead its people down the Yellow Brick Road to the smart city of tomorrow? Our Dispatch from Malaysia taps into the collective mindshare.

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