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Dot-com Conundrum
By Anita Devasahayam
July 3, 2000

In recent months, dot-com companies have sprouted like wild mushrooms as non-Web-savvy Malaysians rush to embrace the Internet with open arms.

Not that it is all bad. It fact, it goes to show how open a society we can be when we choose to. That simple act of bravado grinds to dust age-old perceptions of Malaysia as a nation that is slow to capitalize on technology.

Here we have taken the dot-com challenge by its horns, echoing the warrior's cry of "Malaysia Boleh".

Young Turks fresh out of school and long-time entrepreneurs have entered the fray by creating portals to serve the varied Malaysian palate. You name it, we have it; they have in concert created a parallel economy in the virtual space.

Dispatch from Malaysia

Here's a nation that has built a first-world infrastructure. But can the country truly lead its people down the Yellow Brick Road to the smart city of tomorrow? Our Dispatch from Malaysia taps into the collective mindshare.

Anita Devasahayam spent a decade in technology journalism and currently plans to live the next one in Ipoh, far from the madding crowd and closer to home and family. When not pottering about the house, she is planting seeds in people's minds about the Internet and journalism as a career.


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