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A CNET Special Report
By Julian Matthews

Malaysia is on course for wrenching change in the 21st century. Globalization, economic restructuring, and the pressure to Web enable everything calls for strong yet nimble management.

CNET Malaysia profiles seven key players in Malaysia who have been identified as likely to drive the new economy. We do not believe our shortlist is by anyway definitive, but here is our selection of the key movers and shakers in the IT industry.

Dr Othman Yeop Abdullah
Executive chairman and CEO of Multimedia Development Corporation

Tengku Dr Azzman Shariffadeen
President and CEO of Mimos Bhd, and Permanent Secretary to the National Information Technology Council

Benedict Lee
Managing director for Microsoft (Malaysia)

Govinathan Pillai
Managing director for Sun Microsystems Malaysia

Jamaludin Ibrahim
CEO of Maxis Communications Bhd

The Dot Com guys
Cheam Tat-Inn and Ng Kien Lock

Julian Matthews is the Malaysian correspondent for CNET Malaysia. Email us your comments.


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