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Tengku Dr Azzman Shariffadeen
President and CEO of Mimos Bhd, and Permanent Secretary to the National Information Technology Council

Dr Azzman has been a driving influence in shaping Malaysia's IT agenda. In the last 15 years, he has transformed Mimos, an obscure research institution with little funding and set up in a wooden building in Kuala Lumpur, into a recognized technology provider and collaborator.

Technology for everyone

Now situated on a spanking new multi-building campus at the Technology Park Malaysia in Bukit Jalil, Mimos houses a wafer fab, computer assembly plant, a full-fledged Internet service provider and various research laboratories. Staff has doubled from about 300 to 680 over three years, and it is still in hiring mode. In 1999, Mimos launched a series of partnerships, joint ventures and new projects that suggested it was open to strategic links of commercial value and pushing aggressively into new areas.

"The environment changes. It is very dynamic. And you have to be agile. In the next five years, we will continue to focus on creating knowledge and deriving value from that knowledge," he told CNET Malaysia. Dr Azzman equates Mimos to a mothership accompanied by a flotilla of other member ships or partners which are always changing but which always travel together towards a destination.

Dr Azzman doesn't suggest he will remain the captain. "The secret of creating an organization is to make yourself redundant. I think this 'juvenile' (company) will have to determine its own future," he said.

Fearless of controversy, Dr Azzman has been behind the call to review aspects of the MSC to speed up its acceptance and value to the world.


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