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Benedict Lee
Managing director, Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Lee has been a force in the set-up of subsidiary Microsoft Knowledge Capital Centre. He ensured Microsoft’s successful bid for the components of the MSC's e-government application. The software giant, together with partners, will lend its software and architectural design expertise towards a new paperless automated office system for the government, beginning with the Prime Minister's office.

Towards service experts

In 1999, Lee pushed for the set-up of a venture capital fund to support small- and medium-scale enterprises with Hewlett-Packard Malaysia and Sapura Holdings, and was behind Microsoft’s involvement in Hitechniaga's B2B initiative MyBiz and Autoweb's car selling site Autoworld. Microsoft has also made inroads into the education market, and has been aggressive in anti-piracy efforts.

"In 2000, we can expect to see greater expansion of Internet services and increased automated processes in businesses and schools, while convergent technologies will enable information access to be carried out anytime, anywhere and from more devices," said Lee.

He has set three targets for this year: expanding staff potential through an MBA-on-the-job program; getting customers to lead in niche areas; and increasing the number of Microsoft's partners to create a pool of "service experts".


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