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Govinathan Pillai
Managing director, Sun Microsystems Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Govinathan, or Govi as he is better known, has over 18 years of experience in the IT business. He previously headed VADS Sdn Bhd, a networking services joint venture between Telekom Malaysia and IBM, which pioneered the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in Malaysia.

The Net generation

In his present role with Sun Microsystems Malaysia, Govi has been restructuring the company's MSC initiative not just to encourage Java competency but also to introduce Sun's newer technologies such as HotDesking via the Sun Ray 1, and to develop specific initiatives with various government bodies and strategic partners.

"I see hope in the young. The older folk are already too entrenched in their ways and there's too much of the get-rich-quick phenomenon here," said Govi recently when elaborating on Sun's plan to push programming skills at school and university level, and to grow entrepreneurs and dot com companies from the ground up.


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