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By Anita Devasahayam

June 2, 2000

Youngsters set to soar

CHILDREN (5-12 years) and teenagers (13-18 years) are now the two largest growth sectors of the Internet population, market research group, Jupiter Communications said in Washington last week.

It added the two sectors will account for some US$1.3bil (RM4.9bil) worth of e-commerce by 2002.

It said by 2002 some 21.9 million children and 16.6 million teens would be online.

And although they will directly account for less than 5% of the online shopping revenues forecast for 2002, the research group said that will increase.

``Today's kids are sophisticated and see the Internet as a preferred tool for information gathering -- commerce is a natural progression,'' Jupiter analyst Anya Sacharow said.

Published in In.Tech, Star Publications (M) Bhd.

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