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TMnet ties-up with MSN for co-branded portal
February 03 2000, Kuala Lumpur -- Malaysia's leading Internet service provider TMnet is teaming up with Microsoft Malaysia to enhance its portal with a new range of features. ''We will add various bells and whistles and put in richer content from our stable of properties under the MSN brand," said Jason Lim, Microsoft Malaysia consumer group director. More.

When old media meets new
Oct 08, 1999 -- Five hundred and fifty years since Gutenberg first began work on that Bible, the printing press is under its worst threat since television. The good news is it's never been a better time to be a newspaper publisher. The bad news is you need to adapt or die. New media encroaches on all old media territory. Suddenly -- before you can say "Yahoo!"-- newspapers find themselves competing with the CNNs and Matt Drudges of the world. All that's fit to print is now all that's free to hyperlink.

Miko Matsumura: Evangelizing the Web-App
Sept 16, 1999 -- Miko Matsumura may have left his position as Java evangelist for Sun Microsystems but he's still singing the same mantra. The new spin on the "network is the computer" is that the "Net is the application." Here he speaks about the rent-a-web-app doctrine, the second coming of the network computer, and Inc, which is pioneering the new movement on the Net. More.

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