March 07, 1999

          Welcome to Julian Matthews' and Anita Devasahayam's archive of Malaysian Technology News stories mostly published in edited form in CNET Asia by in Singapore and Nikkei Electronics Asia by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc in Japan.

          I have been a freelance contributor to the CNET Malaysia website since it was first launched in Q2, 1999 and Nikkei Electronics Asia and various other publications of the Nikkei BP Group since 1993.

          This website is a reference for observers on the various goings-on in the technology scene in Malaysia. It is a record of my stories in unedited form, contains some original photographs and is a back-up in case my PC crashes.

          The site is an update from its first incarnation in January 1999 and still contains some remnants from the old site.

          In the coming weeks, I am attempting to update the archive, re-HTML the old stories and make this site useful for anyone other than me and my wife.

          I am currently based in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia and welcome your feedback to any of the stories so I can tag it at the end of each.

          Thank you for visiting. E-mail me at:


          Julian Matthews