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1. As a journalist, I take pride in writing accurate and lucid copy and meeting the tightest deadlines and can be very persistent and tenacious when the situation warrants it.

2. As an assistant editor, I have managed up to 12 reporters before and know how to be part of a team and bring the best out of writers from the cantankerous to the most creative.

3. As an events manager, I co-organized a successful Asean-level regional primary health care conference for over 350 medical practitioners. I also launched Alcatel's newest mobilephone and introduced Sophos plc, the British corporate anti-virus protection company, to Southeast Asia, among various other seminars, conferences and events.

4. Experience: I am a journalism graduate (B.A, with honours) , with 15 years experience from cadet reporter to assistant editor and currently specializing in the technology beat. But I still enjoy writing with passion about everything from politics and social issues to food reviews and fashion. I am also an uncanny reader of trends and well-versed in all desktop publishing, news editing and web publishing software.

5. Raising bucks: I am great at finding a need and filling it. In my first year, with The Star, the No 1 English daily in Malaysia, seeing the gap between the advertisers and advertising department when it came to technology ads, I took it upon myself to take on the unforgiving dual role of hooking them up. We were able to raise NZ$560,000 (one million ringgit) worth of new advertising for the information technology pullout In.Tech that year and ad billings went on to grow by 10-15 percent per annum in my seven years of employment there. The success of that increased pagination for the weekly pullout from 16 to 64 pages and made the IT section the most significant contributor to the main paper's bottomline.

6. Web-savvy: I assisted in developing and launching, currently the most popular website in Malaysia with about 20 million pageviews a month. I understand the medium all too well, with a special aptitude for avoiding potholes on the information highway.

7. Logistics wiz: I assisted with organizing the annual Microfest, the biggest PC trade fair in Malaysia at two venues in Penang and Kuala Lumpur with 160,000 combined visitors each year and know how to plan and anticipate every detail, and hustle when I have to to avoid logistics nightmares.

8. Languages: Besides speaking fluent English and Malay, the national language of Malaysia, I can converse in Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin.

9. Availability: Currently located in Auckland and immediately available upon job offer.

10. Local knowledge: I have a New Zealand driving licence and am well-travelled in New Zealand, having logged about 4,000 kms with my husband and two children for six weeks in the summer of 2001 resulting in this travelogue. If you have ever been on the road for so long with two toddlers and not lost it, you will have an idea of how patient and endearing I can be.

May I suggest viewing my detailed resume soonest.

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