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By Anita Devasahayam

November 28, 1998

Share and share alike

NOW that Tiong Ting Ming has got bulk of SMJK Dindings' IT infrastructure in place, he is offering to share the facilities with next door neighbour SRJK (C) Ping Min.

The Board of Governors at the primary school has contributed RM5,000 for an additional 22 PCs and five Canon laser printers. The rest of the cost for the second-hand goods was borne by a Singaporean company which donated the units, says Tiong.

The equipment consists of 10 units of Futronix 486DX2/66 PCs, 10 units of Compaq Prolinea 4/66 M340 PCs and two units of IBM 350 DX2/66 PCs. All the machines come with only 8MB RAM, which Tiong plans to increase to 40MB.

The units -- which bring the total number of PCs at the school to 53 -- will be used in the library, teachers' room and science laboratories.

``We shall be teaching the primary school kids keyboard skills, web browsing and e-mail,'' says Tiong.

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